• Dream Job:Celebrity stylist or artist
  • Backup Job:World famous fashion designer
  • Position:Celebrity stylist or artist
  • Moto:Go for what you want in life and don’t EVER let anyone put you off.
  • Best Friend:My cousin Aniya
  • Favourite Food:Grandads Jerk Chicken

What you should know about me…

My parents can’t look after me and my brothers, so we live with our maternal grandparents, they’re so kind and funny and grandma gives the best hugs.

As soon as I could walk, my grandad got me into playing football, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve just started swimming lessons at school and it’s great but it’s making a real mess of my hair.

I don’t mind being the only girl on the team, I just love playing football and besides it makes me stand out from the others.

Biggest Secret

When our parents couldn’t look after us anymore, my brothers and I ended up in care and lived with foster parents. But as soon as our grandparents found out, they got us.  

I am really happy living with my grandparents, and although I see my parents sometimes, I miss them.


  • Grandad – Clive….Pops
  • Grandma - Sandra
  • Brother Nathan - Aged 5
  • Brother Joshua - Aged 2
  • Mum - Emma and Dad - Andre (I don't live with them)


Speed 80%
Tackle 68%
Power 72%


  • Customising Clothes
  • Painting
  • Board Games