• Dream Job:Comedian
  • Backup Job:Stand-up comedy
  • Position:Midfield
  • Favourite Food:Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Best Friend:Hassan
  • Motto:Don’t take life too seriously, everyone needs a bit of banter in their life (or it would be boring)!

What you should know about me...

I’m always late for everything but it’s not my fault, my mum Coral who usually takes me places is so slowwww at getting ready.

I do well at school, and everyone describes me as very articulate and smart. My pet hate is Mess… I hate being messy, so I make sure my uniform, clothes and football kit are always clean and tidy.

My friends would call me the joker of the bunch, I always make everyone laugh. If I wasn’t going to be a professional footballer, my dream job would be to be a comedian and do stand-up comedy. I just love to get the crowd crying with laughter, my hero is Kevin Hart, he is the funniest guy ever.


  • Mum - Coral
  • Mum - Lucy
  • Sister - Chubby Cheeks

Biggest Secret

I have two mums and I don’t mind, but sometimes I wish I had a Dad.


Speed 76%
Tackle 45%
Power 72%


I enjoy making funny YouTube videos of myself telling jokes and doing pranks, as I like making people laugh and I have 3k subscribers.