What you should know about me…

I have ADHD. My ADHD makes me fidgety and I can’t concentrate for long and sometimes I say the wrong thing and upset people, but I don’t mean to.

Everyone thinks I’m an excellent footballer, I think I’m just okay and I love playing it. I can run really fast and dribble at top speed, I don’t know how or why I can, but I can, and I love doing it.

My favourite holiday was at my grandfather's farm in Ireland.

My pet hate is people telling me to keep still BECAUSE I CANT!



  • Mum - Katherine
  • Older sister who does not live with us

Biggest Secret

Sometimes I do things that I can't control and recently I have developed a tic.


Speed 75%
Tackle 68%
Power 87%


  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Going for long runs