I am eight years old and I am a Sikh. As a part of my religion, I wear a Patka on my head which most people just call a turban.

What you should know about me…

I live with my parents, my older sister and my three-year-old twin brothers who are very annoying.

I wish I could have fun making jokes and laughing with my friends, but I am a bit shy. My favourite poet is Benjamin Zephanian.

I suffer from anxiety, it’s quite bad, I find it hard to talk to people especially grown-ups. My pet hate is adults talking about me. 

My best holiday was to India to see the Taj Mahal. 


  • Mum - Prisha
  • Dad - Vihaan
  • Sister Mala
  • Twin Brothers - Madhur + Milan

Biggest Secret

I know who the mascot is


Speed 43%
Tackle 54%
Power 46%


I enjoy writing poems