• Dream Job:Professional Goalkeeper
  • Backup Job:Drummer
  • Position:Goalkeeper
  • Best Friend:Brandon
  • Favourite Food:Roast Chicken and Potatoes
  • Moto:To Defend at all costs! Defend My Goal, My Team, My Friends, My Family. Defend, Defend, Defend!

What you should know about me…

I like to wear my hair out in a big Afro for matches because it helps me to take up space in the goal!

I am a great goalkeeper and I have saved many penalty shots which is very hard to do.

In my spare time, I love to play the drums. I would describe myself as being bigger and stronger than the other kids, which is good when you’re the goalie and must defend.

I wear green boots which is my favourite colour and a green goalie long sleeve top.

I am a child carer and I help look after my dad who is partially sighted.


  • Mum - Vanet
  • Dad - Steve
  • Brother - Regent

Biggest Secret

I am a child carer for my dad.


Speed 67%
Tackle 65%
Power 82%


  • I enjoy going to carers club
  • Drawing