• Dream Job:Professional Footballer
  • Backup Job:Football Coach
  • Position:Striker
  • Favourite Food:Plain Rice and Chicken
  • Best Friend:Blessing
  • Motto:To live, breathe, eat and sleep football, football is life!

What you should know about me…

If I’m not at home or training, then I’m forced to go to church with my family. I don’t like church much because it’s boring.

We go to the same church as Blessing, so I also see him every Sunday which is good because he’s my best friend.

Biggest Secret

I hate that my mum travels abroad, I miss her so much.

My brother bullies me and now I’ve started being mean to my friends.


  • Dad - Abeo
  • Mum - Abiola
  • Older Brother - Alani


  • PS4
  • Lego
  • Watching movies


Speed 79%
Tackle 85%
Power 62%