My name is Shay and I love playing football for All Cultures United.

  • Dream Job:Professional Footballer
  • Backup Job:Pilot
  • Position:Striker and Team Captain
  • Motto:If you want to improve take your coach's advice
  • Future Plans:I want to be a footballer who flies his own helicopter to games
  • Best Friend:Frankie

What I want you to know about me…

I’ve got food allergies, eczema and asthma.

I always have my bag with me with my EpiPen and inhaler inside just in case I need them in a hurry.

My mum is a cake maker and my dad is a P.E. teacher. They are both the best at their jobs!

I don’t ever let anything stop me!


I love wearing football clothes and I would wear them all the time. If I’m going somewhere special my mum makes me wear ‘normal’ clothes


  • Mum - Joanne
  • Dad - Danny
  • Brother Ryan aged 5

Biggest Secret

I’m not short, but I’m not tall, but many of my friends are taller than me so I like wearing my hair in a high top because it makes me look taller than a lot of them!


Speed 75%
Tackle 68%
Power 87%


  • Reading
  • Chess
  • Playstation 4
  • Swimming