• Dream Job:Singer
  • Backup Job:Chef
  • Position:Defender
  • Moto:Always bring a snack to football practice and to church, as church service is very long!
  • Best Friend:Troy
  • Favourite Food:Home cooking or Pizza

What you should know about me…

My best friend is Troy, we go to the same church and we are also on the same football team.

I am eight years old and I’m the shortest boy on the team, which has its benefits as I can dribble the ball in, out and around opponents quickly.

I live with my mum and my two sisters and everyone calls me a mummies boy including the guys on my team which is very embarrassing! 

I am overweight everyone says I need to lose a bit of weight, eat less and exercise more.

I have never been away on holiday, but if I could go anywhere it would be to America.



  • Mum
  • Older Sister Abiola - 14
  • Older Sister - Ihuoma - 17

Biggest Secret

I am overweight. I started putting on more weight after my dad died. 


Speed 35%
Tackle 48%
Power 91%


  • Singing in the church choir