Invincible VS Invisible

Invincible Vs Invisible Poem By Sky

I readily defend the ball with all my passion.


 The ball bounds of my shin pads.

 Quick pacey legs, ready to defend, 

 prepared to shield.

 This is my time to grind and shine and let the

 pitch be mine. 

 I feel in unison with my team. Is this a dream?

The warm golden beams of the sun, 

spotlight my every run.


The echoing applause of the crowd, as I exit the pitch, my studs firmly grip the turf.

The world has finally noticed me, discovered me,

I am visible.

The globe is at a halt, worshiping me. 

In this moment still, silent,

But the world is deaf to everything but me.


Off the pitch normality remains invincible vs invisible me, no one hears me, sees me or feels me.

If I disappeared no one would notice and no one will care, even if they have any tears to spear.


Everyday I’m in isolation to my peers, the opposite to exposure.

Frozen in the time and moment, my mouth barely moves.

I wish to be accepted. 

I wish to feel, included, like I belong.


Sometimes I feel I’m in a WW2 battle against the world.


I feel anxious, frightened to utter a word, nervous for a peep or squek to escape.


The trembiling of my fearful hands,

flush pale when I’m in company.

No one has ever been able to find the key to unlock me.


I’m waiting for that day when happiness will override, all my fears will vanish and leave me unbounded, free from tight, suffocating chains and handcuffs.


I want anxiousness to flee and let me be me.



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